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Nursing Services

Outreach Nursing Team


Kim Harriss - Team Leader Outreach Nursing
(04) 239 6004 or 027 292 8676

Tanisaani Pauta - Outreach Nurse
027 515-3718


School Based Health Service Nurses

Kim Harriss - Team Leader School Based Health Service
School Nurse Tawa College
04 232-8184
027 292 8676
GP: Dr T Bassett

Mary Te Whiu
School Nurse Aotea College
04 237-4312
027 576 9787
GP: Dr T Bassett

Esther Pereira-Saena
School Nurse Porirua College
04 237-5187
027 666 2535
GP: Dr T Bassett

Tanisaani Pauta
School Nurse Bishop Viard College
04 237-5935
027 525 3718
GP: Dr T Bassett

Amanda Woodbury

School Nurse Mana College
04 237-5070
027 466 0208
GP: Dr T Bassett


Rita Onosa

School Nurse Kuranui College
06 370-8055

Karen Jamison

School Nurse Makoura College
06 378-6074

Diabetes Nursing Team


Sharon Oliver - Clinical Nurse Specialist - Diabetes
(04) 915 0927 or 027 202 1859


Erin Searle - Clinical Nurse Specialist - Diabetes
(04) 239 6116 or 027 484 5786

Immunisation Coordinator


Tina Tyacke
(06) 370 8055