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Pacific Health Services

Pacific Navigation Team

The new service employs seven Pacific Navigators who have a variety of backgrounds including Registered Nurses and Community Support workers. The team are of a number of Pacific nationalities and speak several Pacific languages. They have offices in Porirua and Wellington and provide a mobile service across the CCDHB region.

Barbara Vardey - Clinical Services Manager
(04) 239 6118 or 027 240 5433

The Navigators are:

Porirua Team Contact Wellington Team Contact
Fati Tapu
Level 3 Violani Wills (RN) Level 4
Alisa Kokea Logo (RN)
City Fitness Building
Dorothy Kenach The Willeston Centre
Savali Lapana (RN) 1 Walton Leigh Avenue
Taleni Sale 22-28 Willeston Street
Allan Marama Porirua 5240

Wellington 6141

 (04) 239 6004
(04) 801 7808

For information on the Pacific Navigation Service, click here.

Mobile Rheumatic Fever Nurse

Supports patients who have had Acute Rheumatic Fever who need to have monthly Penicillin injections and are aged 16-21 years old.  This service is free to users.

Maurethe Little RN
Contact: 04 239-6004