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Maternity Services

Finding a Midwife

Finding a Midwife

The easiest way to find an available midwife in your area is to call Find a Midwife on 0800 Find MW (0800 346 369) or visit their website on

In the meantime, you are encouraged to see your GP on a regular basis. Most practices are able to provide free antenatal care during your first trimester or until such time as a midwife is found for you. You will need to check with your medical practice prior to your visit if there is a payment required for this service.

If you have any questions, please contact Find a Midwife on 0800 Find MW (0800 346 369). If you need to speak to a doctor or nurse, please contact your medical centre or Healthline on 0800 611 116.

If you need urgent medical help, go straight to your nearest hospital or call the national emergency number 111.

Antenatal Classes

Compass Health's Pregnancy and Parenting Antenatal Education Classes are free for you and your partner or support person to attend.

Held in two handy locations across the region, it is best to complete a series of classes before you reach 36 weeks, just in case your baby delivers early.

Over the course of the four classes, you will learn about:

  • how to prepare for the arrival of your baby
  • what to expect during labour and birth
  • what role your support person can play during labour and birth
  • how to care for your baby, including breast feeding and breast care
  • post-natal care of mother and baby
  • baby CPR and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

You will also have the opportunity to take a tour of Wellington or Kenepuru Hospital’s maternity facilities.

Please bring a water bottle with you to the classes.

To book, please contact us on 04 801 0305 or check out our website: