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Tumai Hauora ki Porirua Alliance

previously the Porirua Social Sector Trial

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The vision for the Porirua Social Sector Trial is that through interagency collaboration we can improve the health of the Porirua community, by keeping people well and by providing prompt local treatment when people are unwell. This will achieve the Trial objectives: to reduce Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations (ASH) and Emergency Department (ED) attendances among Porirua residents aged 0–74 years. The Trial is funded by an interagency group and governed by a group of senior Cabinet Ministers including Minister Ryall, Minister English, Minister Bennet, Minister Parata, Minister Collins, Minister Tolley and Minister Kaye.

About Porirua

The 2006 census recorded that 48,600 individuals aged 0–74 lived in Porirua. The Porirua Wellbeing Report 2012 identified unique features of people in Porirua, including:

  • 27% of the population identify as Pacific, and 21% as Māori
  • Porirua is the youngest city in New Zealand with most residents aged under 20 years
  • Porirua families tend to be larger
  • More people in Porirua identify as being single
  • 40% of people live in the least deprived areas (dep 1–4) and 53% live in the most deprived areas (dep 7–10), making it unwise to rely on averages in describing the Porirua population
Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations graph
Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations in 2011/12, by age cohort, among Porirua residents aged 0–74 years (source CCDHB)

Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations

  • There were a total of 1,270 ASH from Porirua residents aged 0–74 in 2011/12
  • There are 261 admissions per 10,000 population which is almost double that of Wellington (145) or Kapiti (148)
  • Analysis of current ambulatory sensitive hospitalisations in the table on the right shows that they occur disproportionately often in the under ten year's of age cohorts. One third of the hospitalisations are among those aged under ten years

The top ten causes account for over 80% of the total admissions with the highest rates being for Skin infections (243, 19%), Dental conditions (192, 15%), Bacterial/non-viral pneumonia (139, 11%) and Angina and chest pain (103, 8%).

Emergency Department attendances

  • There were 7,030 Emergency Department attendances by Porirua residents in 2011/12.
  • Injuries accounted for 16% of people going to ED, (work related, alcohol related and non-accidental injuries).

Why reduce ASH and ED attendances?

  • There are too many people from Porirua going to hospital for preventable reasons.
  • If people use ED instead of going to their GP for primary care, then they will miss out on important preventative care services, such as immunisations and help to manage conditions such as diabetes.
  • If we work together on the causes of avoidable ill-health (including poverty, poor housing, lifestyle, health literacy) then we can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Questions we need to answer

  • Why are so many people from Porirua going to ED?
  • What are the main pathways people take to get to ED?
  • What can be done to reduce the number of Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations?
  • How can we ensure people are cared for appropriately closer to home? Properly linked in to their primary health care home?
  • Are the right services available to meet the health needs of people in Porirua?
  • How can we collectively look after our infants better?

How are we going to address these questions?

  • Set up a local Advisory group and Clinical group with expertise and authority to make recommendations and support change
  • Talk with the health sector, government agencies and the community about the questions above
  • Draft an action plan with recommendations for addressing the identified issues
  • Implement the action plan from 1 October 2013
  • This action plan will be constantly monitored, reviewed and updated

Contact Details

Programme Lead

Ranei Wineera-Parai
Compass Health Porirua Office, Level 3, City Fitness Building, 1 Walton Leigh Avenue, Porirua
Ph (04) 239 6004 Cell 027 436 1108

Compass Health CEO

Martin Hefford
Compass Health Wellington Office, 195-201 Willis St, Wellington
Ph (04) 801 7808

Toolkit Resources

  1. ‘If you have a sore throat – get it checked’
    • A4 Poster: ‘If you have a sore throat, get it checked out’
    • A5 Booklet: Sore throats and rheumatic fever for parents, caregivers and families.
    • Wallet Card: ‘Stop sore throats hurting hearts’
    • A4 Visual Diagram: ‘Steps of Rheumatic Fever’.
  2. ‘Brush your teeth morning and night’
    • A5 Booklet: ‘10 Things you need to know about caring for your child’s teeth’
    • A4 Poster: Brush chart
  3. ‘0800 Healthline after hours‘
  4. ‘Clean, cut and cover’
  5. 'Wash hands after going to the toilet’
    • Sticker: 'Stop! Have you washed and dried your hands’
    • A2 Poster: ‘High Five for Clean Hands’.


More Information

For more information on the Social Sector concept and other trials across New Zealand, please visit the Ministry of Social Development website by clicking here.

Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

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Improving Health Outcomes for Young People in Porirua

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Action plan for trialling new approaches to social sector change