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Board Update

Monthly updates from the Compass Health Board

New Provider Portal

Information on the new Provider Portal: 8 June 2016

Patients receive faster care, closer to home

Media Release: 16 November 2015

Network enabling safer patient care

Media Release: 16 November 2015


Media Release: 1 October 2015

Compass Health Wellington Office Relocation

2 September 2015

Compass Health Chair to stand down

Media Release: 17 October 2014

Community Council to support community wellbeing

Media Release: 28 July 2014

Hauora Cornerstone Support Programme Launch

Media Release: 24 July 2014

New online health record a big step forward

Media Release: 4 April 2014

Partners with communities for better wellbeing

Media Release: 21 March 2014

Minister of Health launches Social Sector Trial

Media Release: 12 December 2013

Continuing Professional Development Booking System

5 November 2013

Outstanding response to CVRA campaign

Media Release: 5 July 2013

Primary Healthcare Long Term Conditions Symposium

Media Release: 14 May 2013

Campaign to reduce heart attacks and strokes

Media Release: 13 May 2013

Pandemic Preparedness Bolstered

Media Release: 2 May 2013

Patients to Benefit from New Online Health Record

Media Release: 30 April 2013

Compass Health Trust Boards merge

Media Release: 9 October 2012

Compass Health Appoints New CEO

Media Release: 4 October 2012

Compass CEO Takes On Ministry Role

Media Release: 27 June 2012

Dr Matt Handley Presentation

Media Release: 12 March 2012

New Compass Health Provider Portal

8 June 2016

The new provider portal is live! Access it here:
Compass Health Provider Portal

This means you can:

  • login directly through Medtech32
  • access faster, more convenient information as it happens in a safe on-line environment
  • update key practice and staff details without paper forms
  • access IPIF targets, CPDs and important updates
  • move away from the legacy platform Silverlight to make it accessible across all browsers

Here is a quick one page reference, a full user guide and an introduction video to help navigate the new Provider Portal:

Board Update

11 February 2016

Compass Health Board Meeting update February 2016

This letter provides a brief summary of the important points from the most recent Board meetings.

Pacific Trustee appointment

Tofa Suafole Gush has been appointed as chair of the Pacific Health Advisory Committee and board representative. Tofa serves on the Te Awakairangi Health Network Board as a Pacific representative, and is the Pacific Advisor at Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHB. She is Samoan, and has had various roles in government and private sectors.

Healthlink charges

The board noted that Healthlink have again increased their charges considerably. Compass Have been in collective PHO negotiations with Healthlink for over 18 months, and have been carrying the increased charges (at a cost of over $100,000) during that time. However, we have no funding source for this, and will be passing the cost on to practices from 1 July. Letters will be sent to every practice over the next week with estimated costs.

Other business

  • The board agreed to offer to purchase a practice in Porirua, if they are unable to agree terms with other purchasers.
  • Melissa Simpson will be retiring from the board in the next few months as she is now a Compass Health staff member; the nurses committee will be asked to nominate an alternate until the AGM this year.
  • The board discussed recent tragic events in Masterton with the loss of two young lives, and noted that Compass is involved in the relevant high school and medical centre to help ensure youth friendly services in the area.

Board Update

26 November 2015

Compass Health Board Meeting update November 2015

This letter provides a brief summary of the important points from the last Board meeting and the AGM.

2015 AGM and Trustee reappointments

The Compass Health AGM was well attended, as was the social function to open the new Wellington offices. Dr Don Simmers was re-elected as a Trustee, and Dr Nick Crozier was elected as GP representative for the Wairarapa. We took the opportunity to launch the funding for low income individuals for minor gynaecology procedures, the Drug Seeker Network, and the Managemyhealth patient portal smartphone APP. The annual report is available on the Compass Website, and will be sent to every practice.

New back to back agreement policy

The board agreed to revisions to our policy for granting new back to back agreements. The revised policy no longer focuses entirely on practice size, but instead seeks to balance a number of factors including:

  • Patient choice and ability to meet cultural expectations
  • Practice financial sustainability and risk
  • Quality of service
  • The requirements of the Commerce Act
  • Ability to meet contractual obligations
  • Support for health service integration.

Other business

  • The national working party considering GP funding has completed a round of workshops across the country and has made recommendations proposing that Very Low Cost Access funding be revised to target individuals rather than practices.
  • The MOH have announced that the more heart and diabetes checks health target will be retired at the end of June 2016.
  • The Government have indicated that the Social Sector Trials will finish up at the end of June, and may or may not be replaced with an alternate arrangement.

Patients receive faster care, closer to home through new joint DHB/PHO funding initiative

Media Release: 16 November 2015

Women needing medical help to investigate and relieve some menstrual problems and pelvic organ prolapse can now receive faster care, closer to home through a local GP practice. Patients with a community services card or those living in some areas (deprivation quintile 5) may be eligible for fully funded procedures. GPs not able to provide these services can now refer patients to their colleagues who have the skills for these procedures.

This means “there will be no need to wait for a specialist hospital assessment before procedures such as Mirena insertion, Pipelle biopsy and Ring pessaries are undertaken in the Wellington, Hutt, Wairarapa and Kapiti areas’’ says Chris Kerr, Clinical Director Compass Health PHO.

The initiative comes from a three DHB Health Pathways initiative working with PHOs, hospital specialists and GP’s in the greater Wellington area, aiming to make gynaecology procedures more available in Primary Care.

“It is hoped that increased scope of GP gynaecology will reduce pressure on hospital gynaecology clinic waiting lists and also improve access for women with more complex gynaecology needs to the hospital specialists,” says Jackie Hawley - Clinical Leader Gynaecology CCDHB.”

Naenae Medical Centre GP (Hutt Valley) Dr Kolitha DeSilva says that “although I already offer some of these procedures, making it free for patients that can’t afford to pay will enable more patients to get treated at their local health practice, rather than having to go to hospital.”

“I support this development and we will be working to establish a number of these options in our practice over the coming months.”

The RANZCOG (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) have recently provided training to refresh and up skill GPs as part of the World of Women’s Health conference 2015. More training is planned for the next year.

Subsidies for qualifying patients are available now in participating practices. Patients warranting gynaecology care for these conditions but not eligible for funding, may still be referred for treatment through their local hospital.

Network enabling safer patient care

Media Release: 16 November 2015

Compass Health PHO is encouraging Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti and Wairarapa healthcare providers to join a network helping health professionals share information about patients who may be abusing or seeking drugs.

The Drug Seeker Network is made up of GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists, After hours clinics and Emergency Departments. Participating clinics display clear signage in waiting areas to inform patients about the network in compliance with the Health Privacy Act. This then gives staff the opportunity to discuss possible patient drug seeking behaviour and critical prescribing information with health professionals from other services, where this is in the best interests of the patient.

“The network enables safer patient care through respectful management of personal health information where drug seeking behaviour is identified. It’s also a way our local health community can work together more closely." says Chris Kerr, Compass Health Clinical Director.

“The ultimate aim is to identify patients at risk and to get them the help they need," says Kerr.

Poster and link to current list of participants available publically on the Compass Health website here.

Board Update

6 October 2015

Compass Health Board Meeting update September & October 2015

This letter provides a brief summary of the important points from the last 2 months Board meetings.

2015 AGM and Trustee reappointments

The Compass Health AGM date is set for 6.30pm on the 12th of November. In line with our Trust Deed, two trustees will stand down this year: Dr Don Simmers, and Elaine Brazendale. Both are standing for re-election. Elaine’s role is appointed solely by Wairarapa contracted providers. Formal invitations will come out shortly along with Trustee nomination forms. The board decided to invite the Minister of Health to speak to the AGM.

New back to back agreement policy

A topic at the AGM will be a proposed revised policy for new back to back agreements. The proposed policy widens the items to be considered when Compass Health decides whether to enter into a new Back to back agreement.

September meeting in Wairarapa

The board met in Masterton in September, and board members visited a number of Wairarapa practices en route, giving them a flavour of general practice in in rural and provincial NZ. The board are looking to repeat this annually, and would also like to meet in Kapiti to ensure the concerns of GPs outside Wellington City are not forgotten.

Other business

  • Compass Health staff co-authored a paper in BMJ open on the use of software algorithms to explore the content of consultation records.
  • Noted that minor gynaecological procedures will be funded from November for those with a community services card or living in highly deprived areas.
  • The board welcomed additional funding from the DHB for the rollout of the Health Care Home concept.
  • Noted that practices will be given some funding to support activating patients on the managemyhealth Health Care Online platform.
  • Compass has taken over administration of the National Immunisation Register for CCDHB.