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Primary Healthcare Long Term Conditions Symposium

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Primary Healthcare Long Term Conditions Symposium

Media Release: 14 May 2013

Compass Health held a Primary Health Care Long Term Conditions Symposium at Kenepuru Education Centre on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May. The sessions were the same but allowed the attendees some flexibility of when they could attend. Both sessions were well attended with approx. 50-60 attendees each day.

Compass Health invited Dr Alex Sasse, Cardiologist from Wellington hospital to speak on heart conditions. Dr Sasse focussed his presentation on Atrial Fibrillation and was able to share up to date information on management guidelines for this condition, including anticoagulant therapy and surgical interventions. The breakthrough technology he demonstrated is currently only available at Wellington Hospital.

Compass Health also invited Dr Ian Brooks to speak about motivational behavioural change. Ian’s session commenced with an explanation of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ which reflected on ways attendees could be most effective in bringing about change and/or compliance with their patients. The session became an interactive session with many great ideas being raised. Ian moved on to identifying the four temperaments of behaviour; Artisan, Guardian, Idealist and the Rational. Each of these temperaments has different values and needs that others need to meet if we are to influence or persuade them.

Ann Gregory, Dietitian, from CCDHB spoke about the importance of diet and exercise, the ideal portion size with servings and the problems that families face with current costs of food.

Jo Wilson shared the PPP results and where we as a region sit amongst the rest of the DHB’s. Jo provided updates on the Cardiovascular Risk and Smoking targets. Large increases have been recorded in the number of completed CVD risk assessments with less improvement in the areas of smoking; however targets in both areas are still to be met. Jo also shared some great online tools available.

Chris Kerr finished off the sessions with an update on the Long Term Condition Programme being implemented across Compass Wellington. The programme includes practice plans, flexibility of CarePlus and Diabetes funding, and practice based SIA funding. Chris provided an overview of how the programme will be implemented over an 18 month period from 1 July 2013. Practices will have the flexibility to spend the funding in a way they feel will benefit their patients, as one system does not suit all. Practices will be able to opt-in with the full support of Compass Health when they are ready within the 18 month timeframe.