Piki is a new service for the 18-25 year age group to support those with mental distress. Piki will launch in March 2019 and will include digital support via the Melon app. Melon Health specialises in providing digital applications to support behaviour change programmes. The Melon emotional wellness programme will be offered to young people seen though Piki in addition to counselling. The Melon app includes;

  • Access to a moderated online community of other people in similar situations to help provide peer support
  • Access to a therapist for voice and txt support
  • Access to resources to help people self-manage and improve resilience
  • The ability to track progress e.g. through mental health related outcome measures

The app can be used on any device with an internet connection e.g. iPhone, android etc.

Everybody enrolled in Piki will be able to make use of all the resources on the phone in conjunction with support from a counsellor to help maximise the support available.