Piki is a new service for the 18-25 year age group to support those with mental distress. Piki will launch in March 2019 and will include Peer Support provided by PeerZone.

What is peer support?

Peer support is support given by and for people with similar conditions, problems or experiences. Peer support is based on hope, mutual relationships, sharing lived experience and role modelling for recovery. It can stand alone or complement other services. PeerZone is a Wellington based social enterprise providing one-to-one peer support and group peer support for this pilot. These services provide participants with:

  • A safe context to explore life issues.
  • Hopeful messages about recovery that expand people’s horizons.
  • Practical tools to assist people to explore their lives and goals.
  • A community of mutual support (especially the group peer support).

What people say about PeerZone’s peer support

‘When I first met my peer supporter, I was always at home, not going anywhere, not doing anything and everything was shut up. Now I am getting out three times a week and living for each day.’

‘I found it quite surprising. I have been doing so much more since my peer supporter has been coming in to see me. I feel more motivated to do things.’

‘The PeerZone workshops were awesome – they gave me my voice’.

Why Peer support?

Peer support works – especially in connecting people, motivating them and giving them hope. The evidence for peer support is growing more solid every year. Peer services show the same or better outcomes to traditional service delivery. Satisfaction rates are consistently higher and there is not one study where peer support has been shown to do harm.