What’s changing and when?
From Friday 15th June, Compass Health PHO will be known as Tū Ora Compass Health. 

The development of the Tū Ora Māori Health Strategy and accompanying Tikanga Guidelines for our network led to a refresh of organisational values and rebrand with new logo and identity.

As part of a wider commitment to Māori health gain, biculturalism and our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, our board decided to adopt a Māori name and new logo to accompany the Compass Health name.

What does Tū Ora mean?
Tū Ora literally means stand up for health (Tū = stand, Ora = life/health). It’s about being more connected to our population, their health needs, our region and our community. The name was recommended by our Māori Health Committee, and chosen by our Board. It also forms part of a whakatauki or proverb: 

“TamaTū tama ora, tama noho tama mate”

“An active person will remain healthy while a lazy one will sicken”

The health aspect links to the new organisational purpose statement: “better health through great primary care”. The Tū Ora logo visually represents our four regions uniting as a whole to support the population and includes elements of collaboration, network strength and completeness.

How do we use the new tools and guidelines in our everyday work?
The development of our Māori Health Strategy and Tikanga Guidelines helps us to look at our everyday work through a cultural lens and also supports our network in very practical ways.

For staff this might mean improving Tikanga in the workplace, learning waiata, using basic Te Reo greetings and ensuring pronunciation is correct. Cultural training opportunities are available to all staff with additional support to network practices in this area.  

Macron use in Tū Ora Compass Health
The macron over the ū in Tū Ora must be used consistently to ensure the correct meaning and name. To access the macron, please load the Māori keyboard onto your work device to enable this.

When will templates change over?
All documents and templates will be updated over the next 12 months and you’ll be notified when this happens where relevant.

What’s not changing?
At this stage, Compass Health emails are not changing. Our address and other contact details also stay the same.

When do I need to start using the new identity?
From the launch date Friday 15 June 2018. 

How do I access the new logo and brand guidelines? 
Please contact susan.fullerton-smith@compasshealth.org.nz

Will there be any financial impacts for name change i.e. bank accounts, invoicing, payment details?

Where can I access the Māori Health Strategy? Click here to download file

Where can I access the Tikanga Guidelines? Click here to download file

Where can I go to get help?
Contact our Communications Advisor susan.fullerton-smith@compasshealth.org.nz