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Compass Health developed the Population Health Strategy ‘Tū Ora – Growing a Culture of Health’ to support its organisational vision to ‘work together towards healthy and flourishing communities’. Tū Ora comes from the whakatauki – “Tama tū, Tama Ora, Tama noho, Tama Mate”. The English translation is “to  be  active  is  to  live,  to  be  idle  is to  perish”. It is about standing for and growing a ‘culture of health’ in our communities.

The Strategy is an internal document that serves as a guide and reference document for all population health orientated activities that Compass Health may undertake for up to the next five years. The strategic environment is ever evolving and will continue to be affected by a diverse range of influences. These include: technological advances, government and community awareness and action on environmental stressors on health status, funding opportunities and new knowledge through research, local authority and government political climate and the strategic directives of the Ministry of Health. On top of this, much is known about the environmental factors causing ill health, but, up until recently at least, much less is known about the successful implementation of community-wide programmes that address these negative factors.

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Given the changeable strategic environment, there is an overarching requirement for Compass Health to maintain a flexible approach. Compass is prepared to form alliances and work cooperatively with other health entities and across sectors; continually work on its knowledge base, consult with relevant expertise, and, given its size within the provision of primary care, be prepared and be courageous enough to demonstrate leadership.


Tū Ora has four strategic directions: Empower whānau, Be effective, Support general practice and Lead collaboration. These strategies will stimulate sustainable actions for improved health and wellness at an individual, family, community, iwi and societal level.  Value for money is a tenet of this strategy and we want to ensure that our services and programmes are sustainable and effective. We seek to improve health status and outcomes for the whole population and narrow inequality gaps.


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