Management services at Compass Health

Compass Health works in two health alliances: bilaterally with Wairarapa DHB and multilaterally with WellHealth, Cosine, and Ora Toa PHOs and Capital Coast DHB. In addition to managing the delivery of Primary Health Organisation (PHO) services in the Wairarapa and Capital and Coast DHB areas, Compass Health provides corporate services to Central PHO and a number of general practices.

These management services are also provided to several regional health services to assist in the delivery of excellent health services to our communities. Whilst these services are mainly primary and community-based services, Compass Health also manages a range of referred services, such as Radiology and Retinal Screening, and secondary services, such as Podiatry and Sexual Health.

Compass Health has extensive experience in delivering quality services to health organisations. These services include:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Management and Communications Technology
  • Project Management and Service Delivery

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